13 Foods That Cause Inflammation


3. Artificial sweeteners

Many of the food products need artificial sweeteners to enhance the taste of the food products. Though these sweeteners make the taste better but on the other hand these can also imbalance the natural levels of glucose in the body and lead towards inflammation. These elevated levels of glucose can also disrupt the normal flora of the gut microbes and thus overall affecting the normal efficiency of the body and organs.

4. Refined sugar

Unprocessed carbohydrates are rich in fiber and thus help in keeping the body healthy but whereas refined carbohydrates or sugars can trigger up the process of inflammation in the body and thus cause many other diseases. Fiber is important in the diet as it is necessary for the beneficial microbes present in the gut region and improves the level of blood sugar in the body but unfortunately, in the refined sugars these fibers are not present. Refined sugars are also responsible for raising blood sugar levels due to the high level of Glycemic index in it. It also encourage the inflammation causing bacteria in the body.

5. High fructose corn syrup

The added sugars such as sucrose and high fructose corn syrup areimportant and their excessive use occurs today but are responsible for causing inflammation and other diseases. It is well researched that among the people who consume regular and diet soda, the ones that drink more regular soda develop the formation of uric acid which leads to the insulin resistance and triggers the process of inflammation. High levels of fructose in the body cause the inflammation of the endothelial cells that line our blood vessels.



  1. Very important on health issues. Helps a lot to control our bad habits of eating thus keeping us in good health and out of suffering. Many many thanks for the articles.


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