13 Foods That Cause Inflammation


Inflammation is actually the response of the body to any of the external stimulus. If the pathogens, irritant particles or damaged cells gain entry into the body, the tissues of the body make a response against this harmful stimulus that is called inflammation. This process usually occurs so that the initial cause of the cell injury eradicates and the tissues repair and can take place.

Signs of inflammation
Inflammation regulation occur by the body itself. It is a part of the innate immunity in the body that can eliminate the harmful bacteria and pathogens from the body and the visible signs that are prominent during inflammation include pain, heat, redness, swelling and loss of functionality.

Types of inflammation
Two types of inflammation occur in the body, acute inflammation and the chronic inflammation.

Acute inflammation
This the initial response of the body to any of the harmful stimulus and this occurs by producing more plasma and white blood cells that move to the site of injury and repair the damaged tissues.

Chronic inflammation
If the inflammation prolongs and the types of cells change at the site of the injury then chronic inflammation is present. During this the tissues damage and heal themselves time to time.

Other factors that cause inflammation

Most of the times the terms infection and inflammation occur interchangeably but they both are different. At times inflammation is important but at other times it is not. It is not necessary that the cause of the inflammation is just microbial invasion. Some other physiological factors and food items can lead towards inflammation and cause the nerves and tissues to swell and affect the normal functioning of the body. Besides these sleep deprivation and excess consumption of Omega 6 fat can also lead toward inflammation.

Top list of 13 foods that cause inflammation

1. Processed meat

Along with inflammation, the processed meat can also lead to other diseases such as diabetes, colon cancer, stomach cancer and heart diseases. Sausages, smoked meat, ham; beef jerky are all processed meats and contain advanced glycation end products that can lead towards inflammation. The highest risk of consumption of processed meat is colon cancer as meat consumption can inflame the colon cells and contribute towards the disease.


2. Refined flour

Refined flour causes inflammation and many of our food products contain flour even if we are not consuming it directly. The breakfast items such as tortilla, bread, pasta, cereals all contain refined flour. Along with these, the fast foods items are also a rich source of refined flour. Thus damage our body when their consumption is not avoided. It is well researched that the refined flour can cause inflammation and swell up the nerves and arteries in the body. It is therefore advisable to look for another way that can reduce the process of inflammation that include the safe consumption of glucose and using other alternatives for refined flour such as brown rice.



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