12 Healthy Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar


10. Prefer nuts over snacks

The snacks we churn between the meals are loaded with plethora of carbohydrates and bad sugars which disturb your sugar levels in the blood quite haphazardly. Studies suggests that if these snacks are replaced with nuts the body would be more healthy and active throughout the day also preventing our bodies against the carcinogenic additives and flavor makers in the processed foods.


In Canada during 2010, a study concluded that these nuts when taken with the meals and or just them are very beneficial as they carry a lot of essential supplements the body needs and don’t have too many carbs in them. So, a handful of nuts everyday are enough to keep your body aided with essential things and keep you away from bad carbs.


11. Eat More Mindfully

Mindful eating is imperative and its importance can hardly be avoided. Experts suggest while you are eating do not engross yourself in any other activity such as watching tv or doing some other work. This is so because when you are not paying attention to your hunger chances are that we mostly consume more food in comparison to the amount we actually require. Stay present while you eat. Surveys conducted on such people who left everything at meal time and concentrated on food ate less thus lost weight also managed their blood glucose levels.

Many diabetic patients also benefited from this routine according to the Journal of Academy Of Nutrition and Diabetics. It tampers down our cravings and prevent binge eating habits which ultimately lead to obesity which is a risk factor exposing the body to sugar and insulin insensitivity.


12. The Bottom Line for Your Blood Sugar

As such there are no diet plan for those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic. Although many insurance companies are for the better understanding of their clients attach a nutritionist with every client. They are beneficial as they carefully watch what we eat and how much calories and sugars it weighs. However for those who can’t reach to a dietitian need to watch themselves what is that they are consuming and how much sugars or carbohydrates it has.

This is how you will learn to choose those foods that help maintain the blood sugar level within tolerable ranges. Also, it will increase the insulin sensitivity of the patients which is too necessary in maintaining health of a diabetic. These diets vary from person to person and the experts design it according to the requirement of everybody.

I do hope that you like this article. Feel free to comment your concerns. Your insights regarding healthy ways to lower blood sugar are a valuable increase.



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