12 Healthy Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar


When the blood sugar levels are fluctuating frequently conditions like hyperglycaemia, hypoglycaemia and diabetic ketoacidosis. In order to prevent these disease from occurring along with medications people should bring change in their eating habits and their lifestyles. This uncontrolled sugar can affect the organs adversely like heart, kidneys, eyes and nerves. Normally when this damage occurs, our body is apparently in an OK state. But still any disease conditions might occur. Hence it is wise to keep the sugar levels of our body under a watch so to avoid regret in the end when the conditions have worsened beyond repair.

Following are the some day to day adaptation which can help you keep your sugar levels in handy.

1. Walk It Out

If you are naturally lean and you have made no effort in keeping yourself fit but you are all too smart automatically already at the ideal BMI does not means keeping on your butt always. This is because scientists from University of Florida proves that those people who have no or very less physical activity are suspected to have high levels of blood sugars. Also they are exposed to the risk of acquiring diabetes. It’s quite justified that people have such working hours that it makes them seated in a single position for long hours.

It is recommended to prefer stairs over escalators and elevators, walk down the alley to the grocery store to buy whatever you need and better still keep a pet dog to go for walks and also running with them and also prefer bicycling around the nearby areas of your place instead of your car. Every week make sure you engage yourself in 150-200 minutes of exercise. Also go for walks every morning to burn the extra sugars present in the blood. Research says that a thirty-minute post meal walk can be very effective in keeping a balance in your body.


2. Eat More Barley

In our efforts to have more quinoa we literally forgot a golden grain, barley. It was an oft used alternative to wheat in the past however today most of us avoid it. It is a grain stuffed with a lot of fibre that slakes our hunger and also it lowers the blood glucose levels with reference to the study conducted on cell metabolism in Sweden. The microflora of your digestive tract interacts with the barley and metabolises the carbohydrates available immediately.

If a person consumes about a cup of barley flour every day he is likely to intake approximately 6 grams of fibres which is enough to silent your hyped sugar in the blood. We can make them not only take them in the form of bread but also include it in the form soup or salads or plate them with some protein rich fish or chicken.



3. Bump Up Your Exercise Intensity

Exercise is not merely a process of burning the calories. But also a alternatively going process of breakdown and makeup of muscles. Thus a wise selection of the types of exercises and their duration is necessary.  It’s the best passage for boosting up the metabolism of the body which in essence is the process of the sugar breakdown. Thus, it should be wisely scheduled. It should include rigorous exercises like running or sprinting on the tread mill. Certain exercises categorized as cardio which are laborious so their time should be short followed by slow jogging and yoga.

During the course of these movements of the body the muscles like a sponge soak all the sugar to supply adequate amounts of energy. This process is intensified during the heavier exercises. Those with type 2 diabetes have special advantage during the developmental stages as it delays its occurrence. Also giving some part of everyday to physical exercise helps improve the sensitivity of the body towards insulin an effective protein in lowering the blood glucose levels.




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