11 Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet


9. Cat litter and cat poop

It will be so disgusting to plumb out the nasty stinky cat litter or poop of a cat. It can cause your pipeline for water disposal to block. They can be so problematic because they are composed of materials that absorb fluid from the surrounding and turn into very hard substance damaging the waste water pipes. Also, the cat poop is a source of a pathogenic parasite called Toxoplasma gondii which is also not degraded even after the treatment with so many chemicals during the treatment of waste water. This parasite is dangerous for human as well as aquatic life as both serve as hosts to this parasite.

Hence when water from such a source is consumed this parasite is easily transferred to human digestive tract. Or sometimes the fish that is host to this parasite when consumed also becomes a passage of transfer of this parasite. Thus, train your cats to poop in bags and then dispose them off outdoor to avoid foul smells.


10. Goldfish (and other small pets)

Even if you are a diehard fan of finding Nimo never ever flush down your pet fish into the toilet. It will be so unfair to that poor creature and also, they become a source of spread of different parasites and microbes from the sewage into the water sources. If your pet like gold fish, hamsters or rats die bury them in your backyard or dispose them off in your trash cans.


11. Food

First of all, your food does not belong in your toilet. The very basic idea here which we have to consider is that food should not be wasted firstly. Moreover, if food stuff like peels, covering, coffee grounds and other food wastes are thrown down the flush the pipes will get over burdened with too many substances that can block the flowing sewer water. Only the food that is partially or completely digested can flow through the water pipelines.

If too much food is disposed in the water pipeline the water gets too much enriched with nutrients because of which algae production rises and thus handling of the water with too much algal production can also be problem.So, dispose your foods in the dump carts or in the landfills where they can be easily broken down.

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