11 Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet


3. Condoms

Although there is inconvenience in the disposal of the condoms but flushing down your toilets is still not a wise idea. Except for the condoms made from natural latex all others should be strictly thrown in the dust bins. The latex condoms are compostable that is why their treatment is not necessary and if they are disposed into the toilet it is okay.


never flush condoms

4. Medications

Many people are normally used to dispose of the unnecessary and expired medicines into the flush. It might be a safe option instead of keeping them in reach of the children and animals. However it is also not safe. The water treatment systems that are normally used to treat the waste water is not capable of removing the chemicals from the water such as drugs. Thus, even after the treatment is done these chemicals remain unaltered and enters the clean water. According to warnings from the New York State Environmental Conservation Department the drinking water is polluted with pharmaceutical drugs which can adversely affect the aquatic life.

Although the levels of pharmaceuticals are lower in quantity to affect the humans. However if no check is there these levels may rise and start to endanger human populations. This is why these medicines should not be flushed down your toilets. Such collection bins or centres should be designed by the pharmacies and hospitals where all such waste should be collected and disposed accordingly.



5. Harsh cleaners and chemicals

Every now and then when we go for groceries we are in a habit of buying extremely harsh chemicals to cleanse our toilet which too are not a very wise decision. This is so because these chemicals though clean your toilets but go untreated in the water system that can trace back their way to the clean water bodies where they can kill the aquatic life. San Francisco sewer department officers have clearly told the residents of this city that they are unable to remove these harmful chemicals which come from these harsh toilet cleaners. As an alternative the experts recommend green cleaners such as castile soaps or vinegar instead of ammonia rich bleaching compounds.


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