11 Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet


Here are a number of things which people flush down their toilets which wreak havocs in the water system. Hence, they should be properly disposed instead of flushing down your toilets.it should be made clear at first that our toilets are not magical trash dumps where everything disappears after sometime instead what happens is that it clogs the water pipes and then it brings a lot of cost in removing the constriction.

1. Wet wipes or baby wipes

Whatever is said on the packaging of the wipes it does not ever means to dispose them off by flushing down your toilets. Although the easily slide down the bowl of our toilets however when it enters the pipeline it blocks it. Wipes are not that delicate as the toilet paper that they break into pieces and get flushed away with the flowing water. They remain completely intact inside the water line and also may cause blockage in the water treatment plants. After they have once blocked inside the pipe they cause other substances such as grease to cling to them and increase in the mass takes place.

In an estimated measure of amount spend to remove these blockages it is reported that in New York around 18 million dollars were spent on mucking up these blockages from the pipelines. They were fished out and then sent for disposal into the landfills. So, it is wiser not to dispose of the wipes into the flush.

The place where they are actually to be disposed of are the trash cans. They contain plastic content in them thus their degradation is a difficult task and since they are synthetic thus at the landfills their decomposition is very difficult.


baby wipes

2. Hair and floss

Ever pulled out a hair knot from your sink? Such a task it is, bringing the person to the point of literally throwing up. This way you can also imagine at least what hassle it can create by blocking the pipeline of the sewers. When they are flushed down the toilet they entangle many other substances in them due to which their magnitude increases. They are made of keratin protein which is not easy to degrade but small enough to cross the pipeline. However, they constrict the water treatment equipment which deteriorates the purification process. Thus, they should be disposed in such dustbins where compostable materials are thrown.


never flush hairs



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