10 White Foods You Should Definitely Eat


8. Chickpeas:

Chickpeas do not fall in beans category as are normally known as ‘magic beans’. They are one of the healthiest and most versatile foods that can be used in many ways and every time they can take a different profile. Chickpeas are loaded with proteins and fibre and lots of minerals like iron, manganese and folate and everything with so little calories.

9. Tofu:

Tofu prepared from soy bean is white but it is packed with calcium, proteins and lots of iron. It is being used in Asian cuisines since number of decades. It has a bad reputation of being spongy, soft, tasteless and bland but all these properties doesn’t have to be true. Try lots of amazing recipes made from Tofu and thank us later.

10. Parsnips:

Parsnips are least known root veggies but they are loaded with lots of health benefits and nutrients. They are loaded with vitamins, fibre and minerals. They contains more fibre, folate and vitamin C than turnips.

10 White Foods You Dont Have to Avoid
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