10 Weight Loss Solutions that are Permanent


10 Weight Loss Solutions That Are Permanent

Here are the best 10 weight loss solutions that are permanent and also you will keep losing desire no matter what diet you choose.

1. Estimating the food we eat:

On daily basis we approximately eat same volume of food. So the first thing we need is to bring about change in our type of food such as we can eat the same volume of food but with low calories. Food with low calories and high level of water includes: fruits, vegetables, soup, low-fat or fat-free dairy, high fiber food list is whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetable, all these are low in regards to the fat content. Baked food such as snacks and crackers are usually with low water content and high fat substitutes, so you need to avoid baked food and switch to high-water content food.

2. Set Perimeter for liquid calories.

We can estimate the solid-food calories, but it is hard to calculate calories for liquid we drink. Each drinking large volume of lattes (fat-free), beverages such as sweetened tea, sports drinks, and even juice, adds extra calories to the body which later converts into fats. Therefore, avoid sweetened beverages, alcoholic beverages, and drink juices with estimation (6 or 8 ounces), and if you drink alcohol, try cutting calories from your meal portion.

3. Make mindless eating work for you.

Numerous studies have reported to switch to different eating habitats and environment if you aim to lose weight for instance, use small plates and bowl in order to pour your meal, use thin large glasses for you liquid intake. Cut-off any high calories meal from your dinner table and replace it with low- calories vegetables and fruits, in this way you will limit the unhealthy food from your diet.


  1. Nice and easily put together. For a diabetic this is a food plan that’s suitable for anyone wanting to change their bad eating habits.


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