10 Ways to Finally Lose Weight in 2017


Losing is always in a list of new-year’s resolution for everyone but literally few of us are actually succeeded in it. And that’s because we don’t know the best way to shed pounds effectively. We are unaware from the most important weight lose facts. What are the best ways to shed pounds in holidays? Here are the 10 super amazing and most common ways to lose weight in 2017.

10 Ways to Lose Weight

1. Eat Regularly

Skipping meals can literally affect your metabolism to great extent. This will cause your body to store extra amount of fats and it will directly affect your body weight to increase, especially the fats around the waistline. Instead of skipping meals, eat less and consume smaller amount of foods and focus on healthy eating. Eat every 4 hours and have your last meal 4-5 hours before your hit the bed.

2. Reduce Your Portions

Eat less, reduce more. As simple as that. It doesn’t mean that you should start starving but reduce your portions sizes. Instead of eating super-sized 3 meals a day, go for smaller meals 5 times a day. This is strengthen your metabolism and help you shed more.

Meal Portions
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3. Ditch The Crash Diet

Losing weight again and again and gaining it back is mostly due to the crash and quick diets we follow for quick weight loss. Such diets makes the food your enemy. When you suddenly reduce eating to great extent, your body will go on starvation mode and use the already stored energy and will slow down your metabolic rate. This is the reason people on diets craves for more sweets like chocolates and sugary stuff that will give them quick boost of energy. Crash diets won’t help you shed pounds permanently but it will slow down your metabolism and the weight you will shed will come back in the course of few weeks.



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