10 Tips To Knock A Decade Off Your Skin


Getting older is unavoidable, you just cannot stop growing but you can avoid looking your age. Dropping years off your aging body starts with eating balanced and right food. A healthy and nutrient filled diet is necessary to make look young and beautiful. Lots of proteins and whole grains will allow you to lose fat and to retain more muscle mass, while antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables will make you send back those wrinkles. Water rich food like fruits are healthier for bright and fresh looking skin as well. Lean body, more muscles and lesser fats, brighter glowing skin and active lifestyle is a major reason that can help you retain those adult years back. Following are the 10 easy ways through which you can knock a decade off your age.

10 Tips To Knock A Decade Off Your Skin


1. Say yes to whole grains:

People who consumes white bread and white carbohydrates are more likely to be fat and have huge waistline. In fact, if they continue to consume those foods throughout their middle age, their waistline expands 3 times more than people who consume whole grain food items. Whole grains includes unrefined wheat, oats and grain cereals which are not refined or processed.


2. See fish as your ally:

Fish is a rich source of leptin protein, which is an appetite hormone in the body, known for controlling your hunger problems and stops overeating. Oily fishes like salmon is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that fights pre-age wrinkles and makes your skin look younger while adding more years to your life because omega-3 fatty acids are heart healthy and they encourages good cardiovascular health. Due to these immense benefits, “Fish Facelift diet” was introduced.

3. Ditch the biscuit:

Once you turn 30, your body needs lesser calories to maintain healthy weight, cholesterol and to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and when you prevent all these you will cut few years from your actual age. And the good news is this you can easily restrict your calories by eliminating mid-night biscuit snacks and extra slice of toasts.


  1. de-mineralize; just like how minerals make water ‘hard’ they also make your skin ‘hard’, old.
    Use only pure water or very good spring water. Filter distilled or other bottled water to remove the plastic flavor and excess minerals found in spring water. Good spring water shouldn’t need filtering.


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