10 Superfoods that Heal Your Entire Body


At the merest hint of a headache and a sneeze, a lot of people among us turns to antibiotics and medicines for the cure. With this behavior we expose our bodies to all sorts of crucial side-effects that can harm our bodies to great extent without ourselves knowing. Though there are many diseases and viruses that do requires traditional treatment and medicines. But there are some minor diseases that doesn’t require drugs but they can be treated with natural healing foods. These natural healing foods are beneficial to relief stress and anxiety, constipation, blood pressure, diabetes, kidney stones, nausea, stomach problem, ulcers and even prevents cancer causing free radicals. Let’s have a look at 10 most influential healing foods.

10 Superfoods that Heal

Wound healing diet

1. Banana:

People suffering from regular heartburn and indigestion are recommended to add more bananas in their diet. Bananas are known for having antacid properties that soothes indigestion and painful heartburn along with protecting stomach from ulcers. It also reduces the risk of heart stroke while lowering blood pressure and promoting good heart health.

Another best thing about bananas are they are beneficial for treating anxiety and stress. They are rich in potassium, and vitamin B6 that produces mellowing serotonin that helps in dealing with anxiety. Bananas contains 105 calories that fills you up and boost blood sugar a little to release happy chemicals in brain.

10 superfoods that heal

2. Milk:

A huge amount of dedication is required to quit smoking because that’s definitely not an easy task, especially if someone is chain smoker. There are some foods that have a tendency to help you quit smoking. According to the research of Medical centre of Duke University, there are certain foods that can ease your pain while you try to quit smoking and milk is one of that food. Drinking milk before lighting up a cigarette can worsen the taste of it. Though this doesn’t work automatically, you have to experience a little led pleasurable experience. Just drink up a glass of milk before you crave for a cigarette.


  1. banana has indeed release the pain in me stomach, as I like to consume spices but it is important to know that coconut water is also good.

    • So is coconut oil very healthy it is as healthy as olive oil. unsweetened coconut milk in the dairy section is healthful to drink 2 or 3 times per day.


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