10 sacred Herbs and Foods that Powerfully Increase Sex Drive


May for a long time you haven’t felt an urge for it or may be it could be stress or something else. When a question comes at boosting your sex drive, it might seem a bit awkward to discuss. Beside, a healthy sex life is important to reduce stress, build strong relation with your sex partner and gives a sensation of well- being. Diet and exercise play a crucial role at enhancing you sexual desire. However, there are number of sacred herbs and foods that can increase your sex drive.

Sacred Herbs and Foods to Increase Sex Drive

1. Foods: Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna beans are the unique treasure of nature. They consist of unusual large quantity of active compound, especially L-Dopa (as in dopamine), which is a powerful aphrodisiac. The unusual high concentration of L-Dopa causes the brain to release dopamine, it’s a kind of hormone that stimulates the brain to produce testosterone, resulting in increased sex desire. This lowers the level of prolactin in women, which as a result reduce and weight gain. However, in men in increases the sperm production and motility, and hence increases the fertility rate in men.
Mucuna is classified under the heading of jing-enhancing herb. This herb has the ability to enhance brain, nervous, and hormonal systems. Moreover, with passage of time Jing is believed to be depleted in the human body decreasing the sexual activity, so plants like mucuna helps replenish the sexual drive.

2. Ashwaganda Root

It was mentioned in the film Kama Sutra ashwagandha act as a potent igniter for passion and sex drive. In a very short period it gain attention and is mostly popular with women as it boosts libido and increases satisfaction. This herb increases blood flow to the clitoris and other female sexual organs, intensing the sexual desire.


  1. …… Most of the times ….. the problem is getting authentic products especially herbs ..
    Perhaps the owner of this post might be selling the mentioned herbs and should be genuine …… I suppose so ..Try to contact them ..
    Alternatively ……. for males to have a good erection ….. take 400 i . u . of vitamin E for 3 days …… not more .. Continue after having a break of 3 days ..Too much is bad ..

    Its also good for women !

    Try it ….. no harm …… vitamin E is good for general good health ..
    Anyway …… please consult your doctor first if you are on any medications ..


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