10 Powerful Nuts and Seeds for Good Health and Weight Loss


We have heard this many times that nuts and seeds helps us in weight loss. However, some people feel hard to digest these nuts because of their hardness. Nuts have high mineral rates and portion than seeds. For instance, a handful of almonds have higher fats than two spoonful of flax seeds which makes seeds much less in density. Most seeds have bulk of fibers and minerals compare to nuts, and nuts are known for its monounsaturated fats and proteins. Eating these nuts and seeds not only fulfill your appetite, but also are powerful weight loss ingredients. For this, you need 10 powerful nuts and seeds for good health.

Nuts as healthy super foods

The high amount of fibers and minerals in nuts and seeds are beneficial for weight loss. It’s a best snack option and also a pack full of proteins that keep you satisfied even for longer period. These extra high amount of fibers, minerals and proteins are immensely nutritious than any other popular snack.

In case, if your goal is weight loss, you need set limits and calories count for portion sizes. A handful of seeds and nuts, fight off hunger without even being concentrating too many calories in the body.

10 Powerful Nuts and Seeds

Choose raw and unsalted nuts

For better results and weight loss, it is preferable to choose raw and unsalted nuts. Unsalted nuts add extra nutritional values and if you consume high amount of salted nuts, the salt in it will contribute to high blood pressure and making you more dependent on nuts. The high salt portion makes it hard for you to be satisfied with small amounts of nuts.

Escape yourself from eating coated or roasted nuts:

You should avoid nuts that are coated or roasted in any other oils, as the oil use for coating or roasting are unhealthy hydrogenated or saturated fats, for instance, palm oil or coconut oil. For a weight loss oil coated nuts are not considered to suitable choice.

Elude from sugar coated nuts

Sugar consists of high calories and fat-content, therefore it is necessary to avoid sugar-coated nuts if you are aiming to lose weight. If you dislike plain nuts, season herbs on nuts, grill or roast nuts to get healthier alternative flavored nuts.

Calorie content of nuts and seeds

If we compare the calories content of different nuts, there are not much big differences for fat content. Peanuts, almonds, pistachios and cashew nuts rank lowest with regard to the calories content with almost 160 calories per ounce, whilst Brazil nuts, walnuts, pine nuts and pecans comprise about 180 calories per ounce. Seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower and sesame hold only around 150-180 calories per ounce, however, they are consumed in much less quantity in comparison to the nuts.

10 Healthiest nuts

Here is a list of top 10 healthiest nuts and seeds for good health and weight loss.


  1. Excellent easy to understand and remember to adopt in diet Whether nuts can be consumed between meals or not .


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