These 10 Herbs Can Save Your Skin- Natural Herbs for Beauty


Every women around the world wants to look beautiful and to preserve her natural beauty for longer period of time. And for this purpose often women heads to beauty salons and spend thousands of rupees on expensive beauty products. Those beauty products are loaded with plenty of harmful chemicals that lighten up the skin from outside and kills the skin cells from inside. Use natural herbs for beauty enhancement

Instead to using a lot of chemical products, what if we go for certain herbs that can enhance your beauty naturally that too without any side-effect. These herbs are known for glowing complexion, luscious and shiny hair along with beautiful healthy skin. Despite having all these natural beauty benefits, these herbs are great in taste and when used in regular meals, the meal turned out to be deliciously aromatic and yummy. Masks made up from natural beauty herbs refreshes the skin with great smell and soothing properties. Just don’t ruin your skin with chemicals and don’t spend too much on beauty products when you can look and feel beautiful with following natural herbs, inside out.

10 Natural Herbs for Beauty

1. Neem:

Herb neem is a natural antiseptic, whose oil is extremely beneficial for treating severe skin problems like eczema and acne. Neem essential oil has great effects on hair to treat dandruff. It conditions your skin deeply and works as a germ protection for your skin.

2. Gotu Kola:

Gotu Kola is one of the most beneficial and oldest natural herb you have ever heard of. It is used in India and China since thousands of years especially to cure wound and to speed-up healing. It is amazing for enhancing new cell growth, tighten the skin, and for fighting pre mature aging and wrinkles.


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