10 Most Amazing Space Discoveries Made by Humans


8. Quasars

Quasars are another thing that the scientists are not completely aware of. However, they think that quasars are the brightest objects in the universe. They exist in the areas where there is a supermassive black hole. The energy emitted by the quasars is so great that it accelerates the particles at the speed of light. Their energy is greater than the combined energy of all the stars. The scientists believe that studying these objects will open up great possibilities in terms of alternative energy sources. If their energy could be harnessed by any means then it would be the most powerful energy source available for the humans.


9. Comets and Asteroids

Comets and Asteroids are relatively smaller objects found in the universe. Both of them may appear the same in nature, the main difference is in their composition. The asteroids are made up of rock and metal while the comets mostly comprise of ice. According to one of the theories, the life on Earth planet originated when an asteroid introduced some life forms on the planet. The scientists are further exploring the asteroids that hit the earth at different times to have an insight into the composition of other objects in space.


10. Light Year

The conventional means to measure distance on Earth can’t be used to measure the distance in space. So, the scientists introduced a new unit to measure the distances in space. According to them, the distance which a beam of light travels in a year is known as one light-year. It’s approximately equal to 9.5 trillion kilometers. This discovery is quite influential for measuring distances in space travel. In this way, the scientists are able to gauge how far the objects actually are in the space. Furthermore, they can also predict how long an expedition would actually take place to happen in space. Due to this discovery, the scientists are actually able to express large distances in much smaller numbers.



Although scientists are looking for more amazing things in the universe, there is still a vast information that is hidden from us. The quest to know more and more about space drives them to push further. So, they come up with new ways to study the universe around us. Moreover, the universe is expanding so quickly that the astronomers are using Hubble for the past few years to enhance the accuracy of the expansion parameters.


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