10 Most Amazing Space Discoveries Made by Humans


4. Galaxies

Before the scientists were able to discover the galaxies other than the Milky Way galaxy, we had no idea of how the universe was organized. When they were able to identify other objects in space, they ventured to explore it further. They found out that the universe is much vast than they previously thought. Moreover, there are a number of galaxies with their own composition besides the Milky Way galaxy. The discovery of millions of galaxies in the universe has given momentum to the theory that there may be life existing on other planets besides the Earth.


5. Alien Life

Although humans couldn’t find any verified proof of the existence of alien life in the universe, many people alleged alien sightings over the years. People find a strange fascination with life outside the Earth. That’s why they spend a considerable amount of resources trying to discover if alien life really exists. The scientists have acquired some data that showed the existence of inactive microorganisms in the ice outside the Earth. However, most of the scientists don’t back this discovery due to lack of some solid evidence. If the scientists are able to bring some evidence related to alien life, then this will be one of the most exciting space discoveries ever.


6. Ice Space

According to the astronomer, the temperature in Space is more than 270 degrees below zero. Such a low temperature leads to the formation of ice even on other planets. The scientists are confident that this ice may indicate the presence of water in some form on other planets. And the presence of water raises the possibility of life on other planets. Although there are compounds other than water that may also form ice, the scientists think that such components may be conducive to sustaining life. In their opinion, some life forms may also lie dormant in the ice till the right environmental conditions prevail for them to proliferate.

 7. Dark Matter and Dark Energy

The scientists have not yet completely understood the concepts of dark matter and dark energy. A large amount of information is yet to be discovered due to limited technical resources. So far, they have discovered that the dark matter is responsible for the expansion of the universe. The big bang theory that is used to explain the origin of the universe also involves the black matter. The scientists believe that the dark matter comprises most of the matter in the universe. However, we have been able to perceive only 5% of the universe to date. This means that we are still unaware of the 95% of the universe we live in.



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