10 Foods To Boost Your Brain Health


Latest research has enabled the scientist to remark that today the human brain health and its work ability is quite under the control of the person himself irrespective of the age or gender. This is basically related to the two phenomena of neuroplasticity and the rate of creation and survival of synapsis. Neuroplasticity is the rate at which the neurons are created in different parts of the brain while synopsis relates to the breaking and repairing connection between the neurons which are very necessary for the functioning of the brain. Now as the person ages he tends to lose this connection between the neurons due to which the most often experienced symptom is loss of memory. This gap in learning about things and making memories becomes slow. However, scientists say that by observing certain daily lifestyle things a person can slow down this process and also improve it.

The most important impact is the use of the foods that promote a healthy brain and improve the memorizing power of people. Certain foods that are going to be discussed further in this article will help you improve your memorizing abilities without medications but with simple at hand products.


1. Eggs

Egg is rich in choline, a compound which is more like a vitamin. They are necessary for the proper functioning of the cells. They are vital for tor a pregnant woman while her baby is still developing inside her womb. The availability of this compound during pregnancy aids the development of the hippocampus which is the centre for memory in the brain. Also, the yolk of the egg is rich in homocysteine which toxifies the brain cells and cause their destruction. This vitamin B12 actually interferes with the this toxification process and thus it prevents the brain from malfunctioning and forget things.



  1. Nope the problem is we eat for how things taste and how companies manipulate the perception of tests on how food is good for us. If you really want to know starch is optimal and animal products are the absolute worse for health. Take it or leave it eat potatoes and other starch as a base. 100 % proven scientifically if you need….

  2. Very informative and encouraging health tips. Thank you. I am from Pakistan and I wish to translate in my URDU language and publish it in local magazine with your kind permission so that more people can get this health benefits food for Healthy and Strong Brain. Looking forward your kindness in this regard.

  3. In addition to being a good source of Vitamin E, walnuts provide a high level of the gamma-tocopherol form of Vitamin E which research has shown to protect against heart disease, prostate and breast cancer.

  4. Thank you…. I dont know if you may help me on this. At the age of 6-17 , i was the briliant student in my class but now at this age ( 18-20) im not able to keep a single record in my head again as if im only using short term memory. Easily forgetful and is being a kind of hell to me. What do i do now please? Help me my beloved.


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