10 Exercises You’re Probably Doing Wrong


7. Horizontal Running or Biceps Curls

Biceps curls are to be performed in a standing position rather than sitting down. While you do this exercise in standing position, your muscles in your lower back and legs work out properly. You can also use dumbbells or a bar, while you do biceps curls in standing position.

8. Push Ups

Most people make some plenty mistakes while doing push-ups, this makes push-ups as really hard exercise for them. There are mainly two common mistake people usually commit: firstly, they push their hips too high, but keep their hands close together. Secondly, they lower their body too much and loose the alignment of their body. In order to push-ups correctly, keep your neck aligned with your spine, while you whole body must be straight at that time.

9. Jump Rope

Jump rope is an easy task to perform, and most people take this exercise as very light. But you’d be surprise to know many of us do this exercise in a completely wrong manner. The common mistakes include: using a too short rope, which means you’ll be bending to elude it from hitting your head. When you swing your rope the handle and length of the rope must exceed your armpit height. Use your wrists for moving rope and land on the balls of your feet, not on the full sole.

10. Stair Climbing

It is fun climbing stairs and you can do this exercise several times a day. However, exercise on stair climbing machine can be little tricky for you in the beginning. You must rest single finger on each side of the rail and avoid supporting the upper body mass on the console.


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