10 Exercises You’re Probably Doing Wrong


3. Lunges

In lunges one thing you need to keep in mind in order to do it correctly, that is your knee should never go past your ankle. In case, if you don’t do this way all pressure will fall upon your front leg knees instead of distributing to your hips and ankles. Secondly, try emphasizing on your stationary position so you don not push your front knee too far.

4. Crunches

Crunches are considered to get abs, but you might not achieve your result as easily as you consider being easy in case if you are doing it wrong. The common mistake most people commit is they pull their head up by pushing their arms and legs too far. In order to perform the crunches in best possible way, make sure that your body curls over your ribcage, elbow remains wide open, and that you don’t push your belly upward from your body.

5. Squats

If you are doing the squats wrong, you knee could get injured very easily. In the incorrect method you only include your knees, you push you knee too far and don’t go low enough, all of your body mass and pressure is taken up by your joints, and you muscles aren’t involved much. The correct way is aligned your knees with your ankles and bent slowly downward while you push your hips back.

6. Lat Pulldowns

Most girls wish to have toned arms, but majority of times; they end up doing lat pulldowns all the way wrong. Generally people lean too far back and with their hands too far apart. However, to perform this exercise correctly, you simply need to keep your arms parallel to your spine and lean back from your hips at 15 degrees. Keep in mind to pull the bar in front of you slightly below your chin.

10 Exercises Doing Wrong
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