10 Exercises You’re Probably Doing Wrong


While you are new to some exercise or doing for a long time, you might skip some rules and forget the way exercising like it was taught or guided to you. This could make your exercises less efficient if you end up doing them wrong. This mostly led to more muscle fatigue and less results from a much harder workout.

These workout methods are common such as planks, lunges, jump rope or stair machine. But you might be doing in a total wrong way. These few silly mistakes prevent you from getting best results, and might even cause damage to your body. Here are lists of ways you can adopt to prevent common mistakes from simple exercises:

10 Exercises You’re Probably Doing Wrong

1. Planks

In plank, it is very important to maintain a posture, such as body must be completely straight. While your shoulder must have alignment with your elbows. Similarly, if you are too much dependent on joints, it might cause a fracture. This means if you cannot stay in the plank position for more than 20 seconds, if you are totally dependent on your joints.

To stay in this position for more than 2o seconds, you definitely have to engage your core muscles. This exercise mostly seem very easy, however, if you don’t follow the above correct procedure, you’d might be doing wrong till now.

planks exercises
Image Source: prevention.com

2. Side Leg Lifts

The classic side leg help you to achieve beastly sexy legs, this exercise are best for toning up your legs, but if you are doing this exercise on a flat surface, am definitely sure that you are doing it wrong. By laying on a flat surface your hip muscles work out more than your side legs, it won’t actually help to lift up your legs.

For better results, you need to try this exercise with your elbow on low platform, with knees and your bottom legs bent.


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