10 Best Foods to Increase Blood Platelets Naturally


Regular exercise improves blood circulation in human body and also strengthens your immune system. It leads to an increase in blood platelet count in human body. But in case of very low platelet count like less than 150000 platelets; avoid exercises as they can increase the risk of bleeding. In that case you should pick the option of morning walk as it minimizes the injury risk and had a very good and soothing effect on your body.

Say no to alcohol as its intake can obstruct platelets in the bone marrow.

You should also avoid tonic water such as quinine. It can contribute to decrease in the blood platelet count in your body.

Foods which act as the blood purifiers such as aloe Vera must be added in your diet.

Take a proper sleep of seven to eight hours in order to recharge your body and produce more platelets.

Replace canned processed and preserved foods with the fresh fruits and food. As the nutrient content is low in processed food. Instead of it use whole grains cereals, brown rice and whole wheat products rich in fiber.

Ask your doctor for some medication which affects your platelet function.


  1. Today i read the tips for good health including important herbs for garden,how to increase platelets,weight loss tips,importance of garlic.It is really very informative and short tips to make recipe is for better health.It is also easy to understand.
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