10 Best Foods to Increase Blood Platelets Naturally



Another orange color food just like pumpkin is also known as one of the best food to balance a good platelet count. It is extremely effective to improve platelet count especially in the dengue patients.

Papaya fruit is good but at the same time distantly you can also drink the concoction made from the papaya leaves which is equally helpful. To make the concoction boil papaya leaves with water, strain and drink the extract twice a day.


Beet root carries hemostatic properties in it. Being high in natural anti-oxidants, it is popular to increase platelet count.it has the ability to raise the platelet count within a few days of its consumption.

1 tablespoon of beet root juice thrice a day, can miracles change the platelet count in your blood. While the other option is to mix these three tablespoons of beetroot juice with a glass of carrot juice and drink it two times a day.

Wheat grass

According to some scientific research wheat grass can significantly increases hemoglobin, red blood cells, total and differential white blood cell count. Wheat grass is high in chlorophyll with the molecular structure identical to the hemoglobin in human blood.

Drinking half cup of lemon grass juice with some lemon juice is very good to improve platelet count in your blood.


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