10 Best Apps for Epilepsy


8. SeizAlarm

This application gives free trial of 2 weeks to iPhone users. SeizAlarm is an application for individuals with epilepsy and other seizure-related problems to alarm their emergency contacts physically on the off chance that they believe that they will require help soon or consequently if a seizure-like movement is recognized by an iPhone or Apple Watch. The application screens for strange dull movement or raised heart rate and advises your emergency contacts appropriately.


SeizAlarm has a feature for help if you require any help immediately this feature can be activated. When a request for help is sent, your area is detected and sent on to your emergency contacts with the goal that they can discover you easily.

9. myChildren’s

This application is free both android and iPhone users. myChildren’s is an application that allows parents and guardians to check and arrange their child’s healthcare requirements. This application contains epilepsy toolkit that is built specially in this. The child health details are entered and then parents can add epilepsy tool kit. This toolkit will record the seizures, its severity, time, type and date.

The application is not specifically built for epilepsy patients but it is somewhere helpful to keep children health record and their conditions.

10. Epilepsy Health Storylines

This application is free for users. This application is more than to track seizures. The major goal of this application is to manage your conditions. The important features of this application include setting reminders to take medicine, checking the severity of seizures and to record symptoms.

A symptom tracker is designed in it that record your previous symptoms. This tracker keeps record about the severity and effect at the time of seizures. Other important tool that is built in it is medication track in which you can list your medicines and its timing to take.


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