10 Best Apps for Epilepsy


4. Snug Safety

This application is also free for both android and iPhone users. Snug Safety is an everyday registration benefit application that gives significant peace to people that live alone. Snug Safety checks in with you consistently, and in the event that they don’t get a reaction from you, they will inform your emergency contacts and send them for your help.

In the event that you live alone and are stressed over encountering extreme seizures, Snug Safety could be helpful. The creators say to think about the application as a cutting-edge medicinal ready that is intended to be friendly, proactive, and positive.

5. Epilepsy Journal

This application is free for users worldwide. Epilepsy Journal is an application planned principally to log your seizures as they happen. The principal thing you will see when you introduce the application is the expansive purple catch checked “Seizure,” which makes logging the begin and end of a seizure basic.

You can likewise log save pharmaceutical, conceivable triggers, the movement you were doing at that moment when a seizure occurs, and your area. From these sections, you can produce a report and even email your specialist.


6. Seizure Tracker

This application is free for both android and iPhone users. Seizure Tracker is brisk and simple to set up on your cell phone and can be utilized after download. The application is intended to assist you with managing epilepsy by logging seizures and keeping records of their length, type, potential triggers, and a detail description of related indications.

Made by the guardians of a youngster with epilepsy, Seizure’s Tracker will probably enable those with epilepsy while rethinking how data about the condition and seizures is gathered and shared. The application’s Quick Capture catch enables you to time and record seizures as they happen and transfer them to YouTube for private sharing.

7. Neurology Now

This application is also free for users. Neurology Now is an American journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Neurology Now includes the most recent earth-shattering exploration and news in neurology finding, treatment, and administration. Top to bottom points of view and tips on living with neurological disarranges, including epilepsy, are incorporated into the production, alongside motivating stories composed by patients and parental figures.

Articles incorporate answers from specialists to basic inquiries regarding a condition, at specific medicines, guidance on dealing with the cost of care, tips on dealing with your neurological condition, and the latest research and promising medications.


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