10 Best Android Launcher Apps


    8.     Smart Launcher 5

    This launcher app features modern ambient theming, UI and some other contemporary features like adaptive icons and much much more. This android launcher app is really different from Smart Launcher 3 and appreciatively in an affirmative direction. It has a gesture control with a weather and clock widget. Its features are very entertaining and useful in terms of customization. It directly contends with the Action Launcher and such related apps.

    9.     Next Launcher 3D Shell

    This launcher app transits some unique customization options. This launcher app is by GO Dev who is also a founder of GO Launcher. This one is the most expensive Android Launcher apps in the list. The prices of entry were high but you can try out for free. Furthermore in case of purchase as an in-app purchase from trial you can get at lower price as compared to the standalone app. With this app you can get some amazing customization options. It features many transition effects with the 3D animations. Moreover you can get a scroll bar that lets you spin your home screen.

    10.Evie Launcher

    This launcher app is one of the fastest apps that work smoothly. It is popular because of its speed and Universal search feature that helps you to search within your apps from one place. It has many home screen shortcuts and customization options. With this you can also customize your folder grid and app drawer. It is a lightweight simple launcher app with good speed that supports icon packs. You won’t find many gestures in it but on a whole it is a good choice and one of the best Android Launcher apps.



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